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Thought Bubble of the Day
     May, 12th, 2013

Bridge crossing, Part 1

An older Gamer Days that's been on the waiting list for colours for pretty much a year now. I'm pretty terri-bad at working on these, though in my defense its somewhat proportionate to how little I've had time to actually continue playing AC2 since the last series of comics.

Thieves are useful. They distract, provide cover and unlike the scantly clad girls, can actually freerun along with you.
At least until you get to the mission where you have to break a group out of prison, have them follow you half-way across town, have at least one of them alive and constantly make sure they dont fall behind because you're just that much faster than them.

Also, they are dumb as bricks. I had to restart this mission over seven times, during all of which there was a total of some eight times a thief just randomly jumped to its death or took ridiculous reroutes three buildings over because they couldnt figure out how to cross a rope bridge. Have fun~