- Animations -

  Primoris Lepidoptera
       drawn Animation
          5.37 minutes

   When the first of caterpillars discovers the first obsession of the first stars, the Nature of things changes forever more..
   A very first film assignment and one of the final graduation projects in the Estonian Academy of Arts, this film was, in many ways, a gradual lesson in learning of my own abilities and limits, as well as the baseline of future animation attempts.

       puppet Animation
          6.20 minutes

   Two man-eaters - Mungu and the Shaman - are trapped within their cave, surrounded by an incomprihensible world, where the only way to eat is to dance. The food is brought to them by the Lady, whom Mungu fancies and when the Shaman has had his fill, the small man-eater gets the remains. When Mungu tires of being fed mere scraps, he decides to take his fate into his own hands.. There is nothing to lose, and only to gain.
   A group assignment with Sven-Tõnis Puskar, Vesse Veering and Mikk Mägi.

  Animated Days - Towel Ninja (Unfinished)

       drawn Animation
          0.20 minutes

   A short story about the ninja powers of cats and their slight obsession with towels.

  Line Bugger / Shout
  interactive Animation
          0.34 minutes

   An interactive drawing assignment where the artist is to relate to the walls they draw upon.

  "Acting for Animators" workshop
  puppet Animation
          0.36 minutes

   Four assignments completed at the end of the "Acting for animators" workshop in Wales.
   done in cooperation with Julia Gajdosovaga.

  Paint and Sand Workshops
  paint Animation / Sand animation
          0.28 minutes

   Quick and short assignments in testing the paint and sand animation tecniques, done during our second year.

  Animation Exercise - Pick-up
  computer drawn animation
          0.15 minutes

   One of the first animation assignments during the first year - the classical picking up an object, with an added toss.



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