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    This small hub of a website is a make-shift home to some doodled short comics loosely or directly based on the life events of a Darky (alternatively known as Maiken, D'Arcanlan or Miki).
    It serves no ultimate purpose, does not intend to take over the world nor change history as we know it.

   It does, however, believe solemnly in the existance of cake, and thus preaches the sweetness of it to the world at large.

   (Powered by gummibears, various kinds of tea and a varying level of inner happy juice). Normality only goes as far as imagination bothers to toss it.

                           - Dark


T&C Shop Tea List

     * Sencha Red Gingseng
     * Refreshing Drink
     * Chinese Melanche
     * China Gunpower
             (Temple of Heaven)
     * Strawberry-Cream
     * Dulce Tropical
     * Ginger-Eucalyptus
     * Redbush Kalahari
     * Rabbit's Tale
     * Green Apple
     * Crazy Lemon
     * Hibiscus
     * China Jasmine Tea
           Std. F930Mandarin
     * Ginko
     * Myrtle Ginger
     * Sencha Martinique
     * Aloah Vera
     * Le Touareg
     * Red Sunset
     * Goji-Acai
     * Orange-Ginger
     * Ayran Mint
     * Sencha Multifruit
     * Sencha Earl Grey
     * Sencha Blueberry
     * Earl Grey Special
     * China Chun Mee
     * China Jasmine Tea
           Std. GJ-911
     * Oasis of Senses



Thought Bubble of the Day
    Dec. 14th, 2014


A Wild Flofx Appears

The co-star of this one would be none other than Josie, who is the partner-in-apocalypse-level-world-saving, in the game Secret World. Granted, one of is a Lummie, the other a Dragon, but we tend to ignore that minute detail~

The only real spoiler alert for this: Illuminati like power. Illuminati like to accumulate power in all its forms. Said power, occasionally, includes books. Said books may or may not be hoarded into gigantic vaults, spanning back unknown ages and eras. Most of said books have only 1-2 pages of text.. x3

Contact: mirkun@hotmail.com
Site declared a hunting ground for the Demon of Theft. Known for a particular fondness for sticky fingers.
Thou art warned.