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Thought Bubble of the Day
    December 6th, 2010

Patriotism, You have it or you have it more than others..

The elections in question being of course the fabled US Midterms, made more familiar largely thanks to the amusing reports of the Daily Show. Different nations often have different approaches to patriotism, but for some reason, for all the sarcasm and irony to go with it, when it kicks out, it kicks so it STAYS kicked by gods.

An example: estonians, a nationality considered to be often shrewd and withdrawn, approaching any pompous display of anything with due reserve even if its their own celebration. We dont climb soap boxes and we dont go spouting speeches of the utter glory of our land or its people, unless it's described with the adjectives 'nice' or less.

And yet, then comes the next Song Festival and suddenly almost everyone praises the blue skies, the black earth and the white hope they undoubtedly carry inside with pride forever x3

Yes, we're weird like that.