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Thought Bubble of the Day
     Aug 22nd, 2011

Makin' Peace.. Through Blood

The end of the first Assassin's Creed always struck me as both amusing and tactically odd, in that Richard I may not have cared much for his underling liege, but during the beatdown fight, he also didn't have much trouble sending in his own as backup x3

When someone effectively mops the floor with your minions, letting them dwindle down to just two seems somewhat counterproductive in defending one's self.

Incidently, this is the last comic from the first game, as that one's now been finished (*fistair*). I've since then started on the second and a few doodle-strips from incidents in that have popped up as well. It's just a matter of managing to less swoon overand more colour the characters.

(Shaaaaaaaaauuuuuunnnnnnn <3)