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Thought Bubble of the Day
     Sept. 18th, 2012

Changing Ways

Something is different on the site (betcha cant tell what)..

Okay, so, maybe its not that subtle..

Long story short Vardays has recieved a little bit of a facelift! Some of the layout graphics have been redrawn, some of the layout itself has been tweaked slightly, but the most major change has been in the comic pages themselves, who all  got some white-balance fixing (so no more random splotches!)

And we also have a new comic to go with it~
Essentially what happens when someone forgets they were using another set of headphones (functional-mic ones) the night prior for gaming, only to be greeted by a God of War track, "Zeus", on nigh-full blown volume. For those of you not familiar with the track, imagine it like a rapid-fire succession of Inception-BWONG for the first ten seconds or so..