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Thought Bubble of the Day
     Oct. 18th, 2012

Di Horridness

Another AC2 comic after, what, half a year? A year? This was drawn up ages ago, not too soon after the Assassino In Training one, but since all AC Gamer days are coloured, it took a while to remember and actually do it..

There are no words to describe my joy when I was finally able to fight some guys with actual weapons in AC2, shortly after aquiring The Outfit ('cause you're not an assassin until you get at least The Hood), having been forced to run and hide and sneak for the better part of the time prior to that.

Of course, these new rounds of killing sprees also brought out the nature of the bystanding npc's which never to this day in any AC game are nothing short of hilarious x3 People will be horribly affronted by your acts of violence, turn around, act casual, and then become affronted again.

Beyond that, hiding bodies into rivers and other bodies (ha.) of water is probably the Greatest Thing Ever <3