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Thought Bubble of the Day
     Nov. 9th, 2012

In the far future..

There is only haikus.. Or close enough. (Not actually good at them, but this suffices. Does " 's " even count as a syllable?)

There has been a lot of Borderlands 2 in my life recently and not surprisingly but very much unreservedly my love for Zer0 is probably the most obvious thing ever (particularly if you follow Tumblr happenings). On that note, I'm also a necron player, which when combined with the many many mysteries and theories of what the hell the assassin actually is species-wise, cyborg/robot has been a top one, resulted in a jestful remark of "Oh he's totally Pandora's necron".

All in jest. Until his skilltree was revealed to have the literal skill called "Deathmark". Three quesses what necron snipers are called. Nope, you only need one~